Peter Langfelder, PhD.

I am a statistical data analyst and scientific programmer. My specialties are analysis of large data sets, exploratory analysis, data reduction, modeling, and predictive analytics.

Although my PhD is in theoretical physics, I have worked in the biostatistics and data mining field for over 10 years, on various projects spanning neurological disease (especially Huntington’s disease), cancer, blood lipid studies with cardiovascular applications, transplantion success and others. Along the way I have analyzed multiple gene expression, proteomic, methylation, and genotype data sets, and developed many of the techniques implemented in the R packages WGCNA and dynamicTreeCut.

My current work focuses on analyzing high-throughput data with the aim of improving our understanding of Huntington’s disease, and improving the weighted correlation network  methods implemented in the WGCNA R package.

My CV (in PDF format) has a list of my publications; the biostatistics articles can also be found on pubmed.